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Indiana Lottery Winner

Posted by on Dec 31, 2016

We are not sure if this story is an old one or it just happened. Maybe it’s completely made up but we will honor our promise of sharing it.  Some of the names and sources may have been changed to protect the innocent.

Mega Million Jackpot Claimed in Indiana.
Well if it ain’t someone’s lucky day! Lottery officials declared on Thursday, that someone has come out with a winning $536 Million Mega Jackpot Ticket, although the details about the winner still remains unclear.
According to Dennis Roosebrough, the spokesperson of Hoosier Lottery, a representative from the anonymous winner will attend a news conference on Friday to confirm about the Jackpot Prize. He further added that under Indiana’s law and jurisdiction, legal trusts or limited liability corporations can claim the prize on behalf of the winner in order to protect its identity.
The winning jackpot ticket was sold in Cambridge city, a small town with only 2,000 residents, located approximately 50 miles east of Indianapolis. Local residents can’t stop talking about it since the Lottery Station announced that the winning lottery ticket was sold at a Speedway gas station. The Lottery Officials confirmed that the winner may not be a local resident since the Gas Station is located along the busy Interstate 70.
Beth Leisure, one of the town’s chamber of commerce heads and owner of several antique shops added that she is excited to know who the mysterious, lucky winner is. No one from the town knows who it is, which makes her feel like that person is actually somebody from another town.
It is not only the mysterious winner who got fortunate enough. The Speedway Gasoline station that sold the winning ticket also got lucky. According to the affiliate of CBSM WTTV, they will also get their share of $100,000.
The Lottery Spokesperson refused to give further details about the winner until the news conference on Friday. According to him, they will only announce the identity of the claimant. Rosebrough further added that the claimant is the only entity who can claim it. It is allowed since Big Jackpots rarely occur.
Next week we are traveling to Washington to speak with a Spokane Carpet Cleaning Company. I hope to bring back a cool story for you next month.

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