Donald Trump’s Plans

Donald Trump, the leading guy in the Republican party race towards the next year’s presidential election. It is familiar by now, that people, regular voters, tend to forget what kind of promises were made by politicians before they were elected. The idea is to make people believe that his role is to actually speak for the people, do what is best for them and the country but most importantly – surpass expectations by correcting the mistakes of that other guy in the presidential chair. So what are Trump’s beliefs and policies?

  • That there should be constant surveillance in US mosques. After the 9/11 attack, the Arab-Americans celebrated on the streets of New Jersey, claims Trump, even though there is no proof of such demonstrations. He states that these gatherings “tell you something” about how the Muslims live in the US, think and gain votes from patriotic American citizens. Again there are no reports from media that these types of demonstrations actually happened.[box type=”bio”]The US should find methods that are more appropriate for questioning the fighters of the Islamic state. He feels that the interrogation methods of the US government are too mild, and said that they were “peanuts” compared to their tactics like public displays of beheadings. Trump would gladly “bomb the hell” out of Islamic state, he also claims that no other candidate would act more fiercely on the militants of the Islamic state, cutting off their route to oil findings.[/box]
  • Create tax code that is simpler that currently acting one. Trump doesn’t want anyone that earns less than 25 000 $ to pay income tax. He would lower the business tax to 15% and allow multinational companies to repatriate their money kept outside of the US borders at a tax rate of 10%.trump-tax-plan
    [box type=”bio”]

     Some of his claims are really remarkable, leaving the public question the seriousness of intentions. “ I want to build a great, great wall” on the border between Mexico and the US, said Trump, adding that they all are rapists, that bring crime and drugs. The same wall would also stop any undocumented immigrants, including Syrian migrants, to pass the border and enter the great US. The thing that makes us think that there is humor in his claims is that he believes that Mexico should financially participate in creating such wall, where the estimated price would go between 2.2 and 13 billion dollars.[/box]


  • Mass deportation of roughly 11 million illegal immigrants on American soil is also one of his great plans. BBC estimated that realization of this project would cost American government 114$ billion dollars. Rooting out immigrants from the US is starting to be Trump’s obsession, as his immigration reforms would also put an end to “ birthright citizenship”, a policy granting citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants if they were born on American territory.

Along other claims that he would “get along” extremely well with Russian president Vladimir Putin, Trump proves that comedy and humor, if the public would not be foolish enough to take his statements seriously,  does indeed have a place in politics.

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