Motorcycle Riding: Legal and Safety Consideration to Take Into Account Before You Get Started


Watching a MotoGP race might get you exhilarated enough to consider getting one of those power machines just for fun. However, before you commit your money to the purchase of a motorcycle, there are several legal and safety considerations you have to take into account.
For starters, a motorcycle rider needs to be licensed. While a friend could help you get the basics, for you to ride legally you need to attend a riding school. Motorcycle riding is certainly a lot of fun but it is also extremely dangerous both the rider and other road users when the rider is not competent enough. As an ordinary rider you might never even remotely approach the kind of speed that MotoGP riders do but bikes tend to be pretty fast. Unlike a motor vehicle, however, there is very little to protect you in the unfortunate event of an accident. Safety considerations are therefore of critical consideration when you decide to start motorcycle riding. There is standard gear that you must have before you start riding. For every rider, a helmet is mandatory. Should you fall off the bike when riding at a high speed, it could be the only thing that saves your skull. Regardless of where you stay, chances are that sooner or later you’ll be caught in a downpour when riding and you must therefore invest in a rain suit. Even on the sunniest of days, motorcycle riding exposes your body to extreme cold. Unless you have the correct gear, this could have long term consequences including catching pneumonia. To guard against the extremities of the wind you must cover your body with a warm jacket and also wear recommended gloves and riding boots. Safety considerations and regularity of use should also influence the kind of bike you buy. For the young and hot-blooded who only intend to use the bike just once in a while (probably for a single day of the weekend) a sports bike would be ideal. However, if you are buying a bike to use for daily commuting, the exposure will increase inevitably and depending on the distance you are covering and the weather in your area, constant use a motorcycle could have long term consequences. If you are in the latter category, a regular bike would be more ideal. And regardless of the bike you purchase, the correct gear is mandatory.

Some tips on keeping a clean vehicle

Regardless of the age of your car, taking time to regularly clean it is not only good for the car’s physical condition but a great exercise for you. Moreover, car cleaning is one of those tasks you can perform with your children and provides an ideal time for bonding. Performing car cleaning at home requires no special skills or tools and it might be time you started doing it.
Cleaning the outside
The body of the car
The dirt on a car’s exterior easily damages the paint and you should clean such dirt as soon as you see it. After hosing to remove some of the dirt, proceed to thoroughly wash the exterior using a sponge. Put water in a bucket and mix it with a recommended shampoo and wax and use this mixture to clean the entire body of the car. After this, hosing will rinse off any shampoo on the body of the car leaving your car sparkling clean.
The wheels
If you have been driving in muddy places, you car wheels could be covered in mud that might be hard to remove use the hose. After hosing to loosen the mud and grime, using a wheel brush will help you remove the rest of the mud after which you can then hose again to rinse the wheels. You should then proceed to dry the car’s exterior using a piece of clothing or chamois leather before applying wax.
Cleaning the interior
While dirt on the exterior might make your car an eyesore, dirt on the interior is even worse for it might promote unpleasant smells.
To clean the car’s interior begin by removing and wiping the car mats. With the doors of the car ajar, use a recommended glass cleaner to wipe the insides of the windows. Proceed then to clean the seats using an upholstery cleaner (or a leather one as the case may be). To clean the steering wheel, the glove compartment and dashboard, simply wipe them using dashboard wipes. Complete the cleaning of the car’s interior by vacuuming.
Regular car cleaning guarantees that your car is spick and span and a pleasure to ride in. Given that no special skills are needed, car cleaning is really a DIY task that can be carried out with the rest of the members of your household. Moreover, this important exercise can be accomplished in a very short time.

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Happy 4th of July Weekend

I hope everyone has plans to get out and enjoy the long weekend. Unfortunately for me, I’m stuck in the office but don’t mind it. There are dozens of fun things to do with your family if you are stuck on what to do. One of the most popular is to go out on a boat if you own one or maybe have family/friends that are kind enough to let you go along. Or maybe you just want to lay out on the sandy beach taking a dip long enough to cool you off.

Whatever you do during the day make sure you don’t get sunburn and keep yourself hydrated with water when in the sun for long periods of time.

Don’t forget to watch the fireworks Monday evening.  Happy 4th of July everyone!!

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